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"Milt is an exceptionally talented life coach who I was lucky enough to get connected with during the most trying of times in my life. Milt is extremely supportive, and he genuinely cares; he pinpoints aspects about yourself or your situation that help you discover more of who you are. Not only did we focus on setting goals each week, but we also tackled my inner roadblocks that were in the way. He assisted/supported me in becoming more courageous to take action and develop a greater sense of awareness, cultivate self-compassion, and offer tools to help me move through my challenges. Milt's demeanor and attention to detail helped me dig further to break through my own self-limiting beliefs. Milt is truly a gift! His sessions are paramount to my personal growth. Milt creates a space where you feel understood, comfortable, he genuinely listens, and his energy is positive, offering wisdom and insights that leave me feeling hopeful and empowered. I would highly recommend Milt to anyone seeking positive forward motion in their lives -- he is the best life coach I have ever had. Milt helped guide me towards my innermost truth, something that I have struggled through in other therapy modalities, but after working with him, I was really able to get clear on who I am, where I’m going, and what I want in my life." -  M.S., high-profile Actor working in the entertainment industry.

When Milt came into my life, I finally started setting and maintaining real and meaningful goals. As a creative, I tend to be my own biggest obstacle. This is where Milt comes in and helps reorient to the pursuit, the why, and mindful weekly goals laid out together for real progress. The routine and discipline that comes from working with Milt have led to greater focus, thoughtfulness, and even more fruitful and fulfilling family life. Overall, Milt has been a wonderful, caring, selfless, and solid human being in my life that has mentored me exponentially closer to my lofty career goals by overcoming doubt, self-sabotage, and fear.  If you need accountability, wisdom, and practical, expert advice on the regular, Milt's your guy." Evan Matthew , MFA Director/Writer


Navigating a creative career is hard.  Sometimes you think you’re making the right move, but you aren’t.  Sometimes you think you are making the wrong move, but you’re not.  I was confused and needed to talk to someone I would feel comfortable with expressing my feelings as a creative person, and what I really wanted out of my career. It was especially important to have a non-partisan, 3rd party listen to me, so there wouldn’t be any bias. That’s where Milt came in.  He listened.  Then he listened some more.  Then he challenged me to think differently about my choices and gave me perspective on what to think about before I moved forward on my quest for fulfillment in my career.  After working with him one on one,  I felt like I was seeing clearly again.  He helped me rediscover why I did what I did in the first place and find that fun and playfulness in my work again.  I will continue to seek his support as it has helped guide me to where I am today, and can say confidently, will be in the future.

C.O.,  Advertising Agency  Sr. Executive Producer

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